The man wondered at the super powers of agni (fire), vayu (air), nakshatra (star), surya (sum), chandra (the moon) etc. he couldn't escape from the impact of the super powers. He realized that this super powers ruled over him, and he came to the conclusion that there must be controlling power to supervise and control all these super powers. Thus to this controlling power, he bowed his head and worshipped.

Tuluvas found this controlling powers in bhuthas. They thought these powers dwelled in large trees, rocks etc. In the beginning of piece of metal symbolized their God. Gradually, they constructed roofs, towers. They innovated new methods of worship. Man began to worship even the wild animals like tiger, wild pig etc.

Worshipping of souls is an important stage in the chirfory of Tuluvas. The attachment, love and intimacy might have inspired him to worship the souls or spirits of his departed family members. The custom of offering food to these departed souls continues even today. The people who achieved great things in their life time the brave and adventure-some, the artists found a place worship after their death. Koti Chennya, Siri, Abbakka-Darage, Kalkuda-Kallurti, Kordabbu, Bobbrya, Ajjer Ali are the bhoothas in this category. Gradually, Aryans had their influence on tulunadu. People began to worship the super powers heard in puranas thus the worship of Rakteshwari, chamundi, Vishnu murthi and others started in Tulunadu.