Proposed Conceptual Design


It is with feeling of utmost responsibility but also with great pleasure that I address you on this monumental task undertaken by the Buntara Yane Nadavara Mathr Sangha(R), Bunt’s Hostel, Mangaluru.

Heading any institution is a task that demands leadership and commitment of the higher order and in the case of this community organization that I’m privileged to head, it is doubly so because it has an illustrious history and we can be rightfully proud of the ways in which it has served the community all these years.

Many have been the projects that the sangha has undertaken and the benefits reaped by the community and manifold. From providing educational support to job opportunities, from networking to expanding the base of membership, from buttressing social togetherness to cultural integration, the Sangha has done it all and this year’s committee has only taken forward all the objectives for which the Sangha was set up.

The proposed Centenary Building Complex envisages an amalgam of facilities for the expanded functioning of the Sangha’s activities. Technological advances demand that we keep up with the latest in terms of infrastructure, to enable the Sangha to support itself financially and also fulfill more of the community’s requirements.

A large auditorium with dining facilities, halls for banquets and exhibitions, expanded car parking facilities and other commercial spaces are a few facilities that we’ve planned. There are many more. The best architects and technical minds are at work on this and I’m sure that we’ll have a Centenary Building Complex that every Bunt will be proud of.

Your’s Truly,
Ajith Kumar Rai Maladi

  • The project is envisaged as a single building with multiple activities stacked on multiple floors. Thus more ground coverage is achieved by limiting the setbacks to the periphery alone.
  • The ground near the exit is kept open to reveal the building from the junction. A pavilion like tensile structure is proposed here to extend the shelter towards the road and to add soft aesthetic to the building.
  • 4 level basement parking to accommodate car parks with additional 34 nos. off street parking at Ground level, a total of 1250 nos. are provided.
  • An auditorium on the 1st floor level to accommodate 2000 people with all corporate conveniences to suit our community/society needs is one of the main highlight of the project.
  • The Auditorium is accessed by 3 lifts apart from 2 escalators and staircases.
  • A large and exclusive dining area adjoining the main auditorium caters exclusively to the activities of the Hall.
  • Another hall of 1000 capacity is proposed to hold break away sessions or independant gatherings, simultaneously. This hall is also provided with an adjoining dining hall.
  • The terrace of the auditorium is designed to facilitate outdoor gatherings.
  • The form and the facade are symbolic of the Community in terms of its roots, progressive outlook, embracing the change and setting out to the future.
  • Project meets optimum technical and financial feasibility in context to site value location.
  • The project features are far sighted and in anticipation of rapid growth of both the city and the community.

Benefits of green building:

  • Reduction of the urban heat.
  • Sequestering of carbon.
  • Psychological impact on urban users.
  • Sound deadening.
  • Internal air quality and oxygenation.
  • Improvement of air quality.
  • Aesthetic appeal.
  • Providing biodiversity and creating natural animal habits.
  • Improvement of building energy efficiencies.
  • Sustainability rating system credits.

We need to construct building that breaths. This green building not only a huge stride toward addressing the environmental challenges of the time, but also an assertion by the “Green Community” about their reverence to their roots in the context of urbanization.

Sanath Kumar Shetty
Principal Architect

  • Basement 4: 99,930 sft
  • Basement 3, 2, 1: 98,920 sft x 3 = 2,96,960 sft
  • Ground Floor: 46,115 sft
  • First Floor: 46,770 sft (including Auditorium)
  • Second Floor: 25,375 sft
  • Third Floor: 21,800 sft
  • Fourth Floor: 17,040 sft
  • Fifth Floor: 46,115 sft (including Open Air Theatre)
  • Sixth to Fifteenth Floor: 23,900 sft x 10 = 2,39,000 sft
  • Sixteenth Floor: 23,900 sft
  • Seventeenth to Twenty Sixth Floor: 24,180 sft x 10 = 2,41,800
  • Total Construction Area: 11,04,605 sft