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Tharai muttavunu (Coconut Touching)

Tharai muttavunu (Coconut Touching)This very popular outdoor game is played under various forms. Two players collide their coconut against each other. A person whose coconut remains intact after the collision is declared winner and also gets to keep the coconut shells of the looser. Interestingly there are various parts on coconut shall, which are identified as "Eyes", "Back", "Stomach", "nrove", "boy", "girl", among others. Before the collision of coconut shells, the area of collision will be decided and both the players abide by the rule, by colliding their coconut shells on this same spot. In some instances, both players facing each other role their coconut shells on the ground. When the coconut breaks in the impact, its owner is declared looser. In some cases players coiled their coconut shells in mid-air too.