Flock Games and Hobbies


KuttidonneThis popular outdoor game is has poor boys mostly Kutti-Donne includes a thick stick-Donne and a smaller stick kutti, which is half the size of Donne. After a venue is decided of first strike is decided by the toss of a coin. A small pit is dug (Kuttida Guri), and the Kutti is placed on it. The player with help of his Donne must throw the 'Kutti" to a safe place. In doing so, if the Kutti is caught by the members of the fielding team, the player loses the right to play. If the Kutti, land safely a member of the fielding team throws the Kutti back to the striker. If the player files to connect and falls near the pit the player is declared out. But if the player is successful is straiking the Kutti he gets two more chances to play the Kutti. The game to decided on the total number of points, which is in terms of 'Chukke'. In fact 'Chukke' is the distance between the Kutti and the pit and is measured by 'Donne'. One Chukke is equal is seven times of Donne. Fun instance if the distance between Kutti and the pit is 35 'Donne', then the player garners five points.