Flock Games and Hobbies

Koli Anka

Koli KattaThis folk sport which enjoys equal patronage as Kambala. Koli Katta or Cock Fight, is organized through out the year and is full time job for those who raise these cocks. There are three types of "Katta" or cock fight depending on the occasion and the folk sport is observed from night to dawn and from 3 days to 30 days at a street.

Jathre Katta is observed during town fairs and nithya katta takes place near arrack outlets on a full moon or Amavasye. Under the third type, "Sodthi katta", a dual between two individuals is settled through the cock fight. The venue of the cock fight is called "kala", and before the actual fight a sharp knife called "baal" is attached to the leg of the cock. Process of selecting the pair for fight called as "Jodi Naadunu" is followed by the actual fight "Kori Muttunu". The fight which does not exceed more than three rounds is decided, when one of the cock runs away or is injured. The cock fight may be "Onti Katta" (Winner gets to keep two cocks) or "Otte Baal Katta" (where four cocks are fielded and winner gets three cocks) or "Medal Katta" (where a owner fields three cocks and the winner gets a gold medal) or the least popular "Pudai Katta" (where the cocks are covered under a basket and allowed to fight till death). Such is the passionate interest in the sport that people fix the venue date and the type of cocks based on as exclusive almane "Kukkate Panchage". The cock fight which is accomplished by betting and drinking is discouraged by the society.