Flock Games and Hobbies


KambalaThe popular folk sport which celebrate prosperity symbolizes the districts unique culture and tradition. Kabala or --- buffalo Race which to held under both traditional and modern format, draws tourists by thousands. A fortnight before the event, preparations get underway and the host village voluntarily subject themselves to several restrictions. During this period, cockfights are banned --- the villagers do not wage bet on cockfighting. Only after the completion of Kambala the entire village returns to its routine work like ---- the land and planting crops or conducting marriages. Members of - comminute, who are believed to be native dwellers of Tulu Nadu, are according high importance during the Kambala period. Members from the community go about heralding the event, by beating drums. On the eve of the event, Koragas keep vigil over the venue and just before the event, the members conduct a mock drill. On the day of the event, buffaloes decorated to the helt are brought to the venue along with their owners in --- in all --- splendour. The buffaloes are also decorated with talisman like a piece of - (left leg), among others toward of the evil eye.

Generally a race if traditional, is conducted symbolically. But the modern Kambala which are competitive are conducted under various categories including 'Haggada oata', 'Adda Halage', 'Negila oata' and 'Kani Halage'. These events are held under both junior and senior divisions - the events with exception to 'Kani Halage', are decided on the basis of the minimum time clocked to complete the race. However it is 'Kani Halage', which is the highlight of the event. Under this event, the winner is determined on the basis of the maximum height of water splashed by buffaloes. The Kambala is an unique sport which tests the physical endurance of both the 'Jockey' and the buffaloes.