Nagara Panchami (Naga Festival)

Tuluvas ever used to worship the snakes. Bunts give importance to the snake worship (Nagaradhanam). They have the faith that naga or snake live in their land protects them. One of the "Daivam" worshipped by the Bunts is "JadeDari". "JadeDari" daiva is nothing but the worshipping of Naga God (God of Snake).

The next day was the Krishna Janmashtami Festival. The person who asked for a boon had put charcoal powder on his body, and aracanut cap head saying himself to be lord Krishna in a long way the festival of the village temple procession will be held. The statue of high status 'Ashwasthakatte' has got a pooja! In front of that there is an interesting programme. The first entertainment programme, which was started in the village, was their having the power as the head of the village, on the landlords request cockfight is going to be held."Kalaga" at least will be held in whose house thus there is no cock there hens flush if going to be distributed on that day at everyone's house hen and 'Mude', Religion, caste with discrimination, being together is the greatness of the Ashtami Festival. In the rainy season the coming Mohrum Muslims are very special. But on the Ashtami day there will be Alavi dance, fire walk and all the village people will take part in it. Landlords will be the head here.