Ganesh Chaturthi

The head of the house will keep the idol of lord Ganesh and do the pooja this is the heritage of Tulunadu is famous. Upon the banana leaf we keep white rice and a cup of water. To the mouth of the cup tie 5 leaves of mango and jackfruit tree. They'll join the coconuts to it. Around the rice they keep the sugarcane up to one-inch height. They will decorate it with huruli flower even that is special. They will decorate lord Ganesh with Gouri flower grown in the garden. By using rice with all salt they will prepare laddus, dosa, aralina kajjaya, banana, jagari, kobbari. These are the naivedya. They will make spirit lamps by using rice flour. They will also grind it and mix it with kajjaya. The kumkum kept in the jackfruit leaf was used by the people for putting in it forehead and praying to lord Ganesh and then having a sweet food on chathurthi day nonveg food is prohibited for the Bunts. The land which is related to lord Naga, those who having this on the 11th day "Anantha Chathurdashi", they would celebrate this as "Nompu" on that day also nonveg is prohibited.