Deepavali -Bathing Festival

House is fulled 'Hem', new rice food, rice payasa with all the village people is held. Now in this rain, in the sunlight before which has been working in sunlight. Bullock cart, bull which works in the field-should we do pooja for this? The world's Kantaka, narakasura's death remembrance abhyanjana should be held. Deepas chain should be brightened on this request comes the deepavali. Saying, can we forget mother Kaveri. Having passed Kanyamasa tulumas will be started on the day tula sakramana, Kaveri procession is held this takes place in a place called Talakaveri of Kodagu. But also our life routs, river Kaveri is sacred. Why because for Bunts the journey of Kaveri is very much liked. From Talakaveri to Brahmagiri the Main place of Kaveri they have a bath it means that they have a bath in Ganga river. We get the same happiness as we get in river Ganga. Not only this the Bunts also have a festival called Kaveri Sankranthi. On this day Kasara branches is spread in their own field. Pairu, which is filled with 'Tene' Having no one seen. We have only one shouting, "in your eyes Kasaras thorns is present.

Kaveri and the Kasara's plant have a relation this relation is like the relation in the hills Nellikayi and the sea's salt. That day's importance is eating rices 'Grain'. New rice bella having coconut mixed properly. Having it windowed it becomes stronger. Having ghee spread in the plate. In the day's night cropping on the day making it as a halva and then eating it. Kaveri Sankranthi is ended. Other strange belief is those who have kaveri bath when having lunch. If suppose the deepa offs they should leave the lunch and get up. On that day the field cannot be harvested. "Balipadya"s month is arrived. This is the festival of lights. This is the festival when devotees offer their prayer to the lord. Before Amavasya the bathing festival should be finished. First day evening time the mug which has water in which we bath and boil water should be tied with flowers on its neck, mango leaves tied together should be tied. Jedi mud's piece on the pot draw the pictures of the Sun, Moon etc. and decorate it. Inside by touching the cow dung it should be purified. Women should tie flowers on her hair, should light deepa on the pot. After that taking water from the well, the pot should be filled with water. Next day morning when the cock crows the head of the house should boil the water. After that all the family members should have oil bath. Dosa, Paddy's Rava, Kajjaya should be eaten. The next is the full moon day.

Cow and calves should be given a bath. Inside kitchen joggery poorana and sweet kadabu, jackfruit leaves should be put in the fire. Sweet kadabu should be given to the cow.