Dasara Festival

Having sona ended comes the 'Kanyamasa'. This is the month of removal of rice seeds. Before this the new 'Tene' should come inside the house. This is only the 'Koral' festival. Almost they celebrate this in 'Mahanavami' day. On the first day night the head of the house should wear wet clothes, having hold of 'Parkathi' he has to go to the field. Having cut off 'Kalu' and 'Daddal' trees bark, he covers himself with it, upto it they keep the Cucumber. Mango and jackfruit branches will be tied together. Having this all he keeps this on the middle of 'pairu' as a hidden thing as anyone can't see. Next day morning having a cloth tied to his head and new cloth being tied to his waist, having tene he goes to his house surroundings. After this the girl children's will catch the deepa and having kumkum and flowers, which is mixed with kumkum, having sprinkling the rice, come to their father. They just put little water on his feet saying poli poli, they keep the tene in their tulasi and then they hit the coconuts. Then they just take the deepa up and they put the gandha. To this tene mango and jackfruit leaves are joined and then it is tied with Daddal. They tie this to the selected pieces. 'Hatti', 'kotti', 'noga', 'nagilu', 'halage', 'ghost's bed' is going to be tied with this tene then the remaining tene is used to do something of rice. One one will take five kaalu of cow's milk on a jackfruits leaf they drink it. Now it became that Jnana Lakshmi has come to the house. On this occasion outana should be held this is only 'poddar' 9, 11, 17, 24 etc. Many types of things like sugarcane, Pachchadi, Salt garlic, Timare's chatni, Sour Gourd, chilly, Pathrade should be present. Having something mixed 'Koddel'-Aha! So nice taste on this day money should not be spending means heritage is followed on the vessel the old rice is remained it means that house of bad sense and of no use.