Aatida Amavase

During 'Aati da amase' or 'month of Mithuna', no major tasks being undertaken. One cannot see Paady Granary, "Akki Mudi', during the aati month. Bunts eat "uppad pachir", (Jack fruit pieces soaked with salt water), jack fruit, dried jackfruit seeds, dryfish eat in the month of aati. Married daughters should spend the month of aati in their parent's residence. Parents invite their married daughters to their home. In the month of aati, Bunts puts "Agel". Agel is a system of providing meals to the dead. Meals should contain chicken, fish curry rice toddy. All the members of the family gather together. There is also a system of conducting marriages for the unmarried dead. This is known as "Marriages of Dead".

Next is "Ashad Amavasyam"-it is a custom to drink the medicinal juice prepared from the pieces of the trunk of the tree called "Paale Tree". "Paale Tree" is well known for the purpose of the preparation of medicines. It is said that the tree has the power to cure many diseases. In the dawn of the day, one of the male members of the family goes to the Pale Tree in naked to bring its pieces. He should remove the Pale tree piece from the tree in a single hit by using the sharp stone edge. Mixing pepper and garlic with the extracted Pale tree milk is though bitter to drink wonderful for maintaining good health through out the year.