Bunts mathr sangha

First meeting of Bunts Vidyarthi Sangha in Mangalore [ 1906-1907 ]

In the beginning of the 20th century, it was a simple thought that led to the formation of the now formidable Bunts alias nadava sangha. A visionary realisation by our elders that 'education' will play a stellar role in the all round development of the community, had set the ball rolling. The architects of the vision were men of impeccable integrity with a 'Commendable presence 'in the rural society. Discharging their socio-cultural responsibilities, they realized much ahead of their times on the necessity of integrating the community with the changing dynamic social setup. Well aware of the fact that a community's prosperity depends on education, and knowing well that if the community had to achieve prosperity, its each member had to be educated, they committed themselves to the onerous task of building student hostels in prominent towns, cities, which citadels of education.

First office bearers:
President: Attavara Devappa Poonja.
Vice President: Kodialguttu Krishna Sulaya.
Secretary: B. Mahabal Hegde.
Treasurer: Attavara Balakrishna Shetty.
Executive committee members:
1. Thenkumane Mahabaleshwara Shetty.
2. Badagabettu ramayya Hegde.
3. Marakadaguttu Appayya Shetty.
4. Attavara Thimmappa Poonja,
5. Kodialguttu Ramayya Hegde
6. Ammunje Manjayya Shetty 
7. B.Manjappa Bhandary
8. Rama Shetty.

Three days after the first general meeting, the Association was registered in 1908 July 10, as under the rules of then Madras Government.

Past Presidents:
1. Attavara Devappa Poonja
2. A. ramayya Poonja
3. Vakil K Shyam Shetty
4. Rao Bahaddoor Kodialguthu Thimmappa Alva
5. B. Manjayya Hegde
6. Aerya Laxminarayana Alva
7. Nitte Mohandas Adyanthaya
8. K. Sathishchandra Hegde
9. A. Sadananda Shetty
10. Kodialguthu Ajith Kumar Rai Maladi
11. Shreenath Hegde
12. K. Amarnath Shetty

Present Office Bearers:
President: Maladi Ajith Kumar Rai
Vice President: Kenchanoor Somashekar Shetty
Secretary: Meghanath Shetty
Treasurer: K Manmohan Shetty
Joint Secretary: A. Hemanath Shetty

Executive Committe Members 2013- 2016

In the year in 2002, after an amendment, the Bantara Yane Nadavara Sangha has been renamed as 'Bantara Yane Nadavara Mathru Sangha. A holistic glance, at the functioning of the association for the past 9 decades, reflects a unequivocal truth, that the vision education-for-all members in the community has been nearly achieved.

In 1987, as a result of efforts to bring all outside Bunt's associations on a single platform, the federation of global bunts meet was held. The association annually disbures Scholarship and help to poor students from the endowments set up by personalities. During the every annual meeting, members in recognitions of their contributions are felicitated.

The association has always strived to the all-round development of community in various avenues and will continue to do so.